Wedding Pictures!!!

You have several options for viewing the wedding pictures. Our photographer gave us over 1,500 pictures from the rehearsal, wedding and reception. We've uploaded all of these files to Google's "Picasa" website. This site allows us to create web slideshows so that you can view the pictures one after another. Picasa also allows you to download the pictures that you'd like to keep for yourself. It ALSO lets you order prints directly from the picture that you're viewing.

So.... with that said there are two slideshows available on this wedding website. The first slideshow has 1,000 pictures. The second has over 500 pictures. This is your option for just viewing one pictures after the other. You can access those slideshows by clicking these links.

Slide Show Wedding 1

Slide Show Wedding 2

Slide Show Honeymoon

The second option for downloading actual files or for ordering your own prints of the pictures directly from Google is accessed by clicking the following link. It will take you to a separate website so be ready!

Download and/or Order Prints - Wedding Part 1

Download and/or Order Prints - Wedding Part 2

Download and/or Order Prints - Honeymoon

Email me at if you have any questions.